The architectural plywood collection.

Superior cores. Prime veneers.

Our plywood collection – domestic, exotic and marine – reflects our commitment to source only wood products of uncommon quality. Our exotic faces come from some of the most remote places on earth. Rich colours, intriguing patterns and exquisite grains will please the most discerning eye. Everything you see here – from Amboyna Burl to Birdseye Maple – is readily available in our warehouse.

Custom layups of any quantity.

If you require a combination of core type and veneer specie that we do not stock, we can provide custom layups of any quantity. Custom layups of paper and phenolic back veneer sheets are also available in any quantity.

We also have a modest collection of decorative wood veneers.

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Plywood in racks

Our domestic, exotic and marine plywood… rich colours and exquisite grains.